Our Story


Since prominent Fashion Designer LilFreshSam launched INFATUÉ in 2012, the energy surrounding the company has involved more than just great clothing.  The Infatué brand is built on passion, and the empowerment of others in pursuit of their own dream. INFATUÉ is known for world-wide for our one-of-a-kind pieces. Traditionally with sophisticated fearless prints and stunningly innovative design work. The result is cutting edge, cross-cultural fashion for true trend setters.

INFATUÉ mark on the fashion landscape extends worldwide. A testament to the brand’s versatility, the clothing has been worn at national award shows, in the glossy pages of fashion magazines, and on the backs of its celebrity clients at notable appearances. Simply stated, INFATUÉ consistently designed to project the uniqueness and confidence of its clientele as they hustle toward excellence. 


A Time Line Of Passion: